About Us

Mark and Nancy Feldscher have been in the luxury retail eyewear industry in Philadelphia for more than 35 years. Since 1987 They’ve been servicing the local community as well as having a diverse and eclectic global clientele. 

They EYECON 87 showcases a vintage inspired aviator style frame. This frame is nastalgic of the eyeyeglass and sunglass styles of the 80s. Each frame is handcrafted with high end sustainable metals. The EYECON87 is available in a variety of amazing colors and 3 sizes to satisfy everyone’s needs. The ELVIS 1 is the first of many old school designs launching from the House of Eyecon !!!

Collaborating with a high end eyewear designer they handcrafted the perfect unique , eyeconic and retro sunglass. Introducing the Eyecon 87 !!